Berry White’s diminutive popcorn buds caught my eye with their vivid green leaves, tawny pistils, and amber-brown trichomes. After the budtender opened the jar and I smelled its citrusy sweet aroma, I decided to give Berry White a try. This indica-dominant strain is short, stout, dense, and has a subtle berry sweetness.

Berry White strains usually have THC concentrations ranging between 19 and 25 percent. This batch of Berry White induced pleasant, but not overwhelming effects, which can be a downside for heavy users. After just a few puffs, I felt relaxed and focused enough to continue my personal work.

Blueberry and White Widow

Berry White gets its signature sweet and tart taste from its classic parent strains: White Widow and Blueberry. Blueberry’s iconic blueberry scent was faint in my Berry White buds. White Widow, a Netherlands-born hybrid, passes on its storied genetics along with its earthy aroma and flavor. My batch of Berry White had a strong citrus and pine aroma.

Berry White goes by other names including Blue Venom, Blue Widow, and White Berry. Southern California and Oregon use the Berry White or White Berry designation, while the midwest and Canada use the Blue Widow strain name. All of these strains have similar White Widow and Blueberry genetics.

Tropical Candy Aroma

Berry White has a strong pine and skunky smell that balances its fruity and blueberry candy scent. I got a slight hint of blueberry when I broke apart the buds. More interestingly, I noticed distinct citrus and tropical fruit notes. Its smell reminded me of a sugary cereal. Berry White’s aroma is mild, but complex. If you like sweet and skunky flower buds, you’ll love Berry White.

Small and Dense Buds

My Berry White buds were small and dense with a heavy coating of amber-colored trichomes. While a little dry, its trichomes were still intact. I didn’t notice any hints of blue like its Blueberry parent. Its flower leaves mainly had a light green color, which paired well with the vibrant orange pistil hairs. Berry White buds may be small, but they pack a moderate THC punch.

Productive and Relaxing

Despite Berry White’s medium-to-high THC levels, I didn’t feel a strong cerebral and physical buzz compared to other strains. I smoked a few bowls, but wasn’t feeling overwhelmed, paranoid, or anxious. Instead of a haze, I felt a wave of relaxation and positive thoughts. Berry White delivers a boost in mood in small or large doses. What it lacks in intense psychoactivity, it makes up in balanced effects. 

Berry White is a dependable and delicious-smelling indica-dominant strain. You won’t experience couchlock like other high-THC strains out there. Instead, you’ll feel relaxed, stress-free, and productive. While some users take Berry White in the afternoon after work, this strain can provide a functional high during the day in small doses.

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