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Sorbet Stash is a top shelf indica strain from a local Hollywood dispensary called Four Twenty Commandments. Sorbet Stash entices users with its fruity smell and glistening trichomes. The Sorbet Stash strain is great for consumers with insomnia or mood problems. This is a wonderful day or nighttime strain that appeals to a wide range of cannabis consumers.


A tasty strain from DNA genetics, Sorbet Stash is a cross of Karma Genetics’ indica powerhouse strain Headstash and Sorbet. Sorbet Stash is an indica dominant hybrid with a ratio of 70:30 indica to sativa. Sorbet Stash helps relieve stress and chronic pain due to its healing properties attributed from terpenes that have their own anti inflammatory properties. Sorbet Stash flowers in around 8-9 weeks allowing for the plant to form huge crystallisation that allows the buds to become super frosty and ultra sticky.


The Sorbet Stash strain is characterized by its fluffy and frosty nugs. The nugs range in size from small to medium. Sorbet Stash nugs are slightly sticky and have a dense, tightly packed structure. The bud is a deep green and spotted with burnt orange hairs. The trichomes cover the bud in a thick layer. A grinder is recommended for this strain to collect the potent kief that can be used in anything from water pipes to edibles. The scent of the Sorbet Smash strain is fairly complex. The smell is earthy with a hint of citrus notes. My particular batch didn’t have a prominent flavor that accompanied the interesting smell.


The effects of the Sorbet Stash strain leave consumers feeling happy, relaxed, tired, hungry, euphoric, and creative. Sorbet Stash would be a great strain for consumers dealing with issues such as stress, depression and anxiety due to its calming, uplifting effects. This strain could also be used at night to facilitate sleep in consumers dealing with insomnia. I felt extremely relaxed for about 3-4 hours after consuming this strain. The surge of creativity lasted for a short hour to 2 hours. Focus was a bit of an issue depending on the task and level of attention required. I needed to take a nap consistently after each smoke sesh with the Sorbet Stash strain. I tried it in both a Raw king sized paper as well as a traditional blunt like the Game Leaf. The same resulted almost each time with the exception of early in the morning and times when I had to work. Creative types such as artists and writers may benefit from the boost in creativity and increased thinking.


The typical flowering period for this strain is roughly 8-9 weeks. This strain is of medium difficulty to grow and recommended to intermediate level farmers.


Sorbet Stash is an accessible and versatile strain with awesome effects that should be in your stash. The Sorbet Stash strain shouldn’t be passed up if ever faced with the opportunity to try such an impressive indica dominant hybrid strain. Let us know how you like it in the comments below!

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