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Ogre OG Flower Review

ogre og kush

If I had to estimate, I’d say I’ve smoked close to 100 different variations of Kush. From the Bubba to the OG or the Skywalker, there are so many hybrids and phenotypes of the Kush strain that one could probably smoke a different kush every day for a whole year. On my recent trip to the dispensary, I was introduced to a Kush I had not yet sampled in the Ogre OG from NWCS out of Washington State. I decided to go with the Ogre as I was blown away by the look of the nugs and at a price of just $95USD for an ounce, how could I say no. Now, the Ogre OG is an Indica-Dominant hybrid that crosses two potent Kush ancestors Master Kush, which descends from Skunk #1, and Bubba Kush, a derivative of OG Kush. Since the strain is clone only, there really isn’t too much info on her.

At first glance, the Ogre OG was a perfect looking ounce. Almost no shake, just nice fat trichome covered buds that had been manicured perfectly. The nugs had an almost golden hue to them and reminded me of the Abusive OG Kush I grew back in the ’90s. As I opened the Jar, I was met with a nice mix of lemons and skunk with a slight hint of gas but it wasn’t as strong as I’d like. I decided to roll her up and upon breaking the nugs I could smell a lot more of her diesel notes which I enjoyed. Once lit, you could smell the familiar odor of Kush but it was very mild and not as tasty as I was hoping for. Don’t get me wrong, the flavor was there, it just could have been more pronounced. As for the potency, the Ogre OG was legit and after one hit had me feeling it from head to toe. This was some very heavy smoke and not in a harsh way, it was super stoney and had me in a deep fade after a few hits. This was definitely a strong indica high as it had me on the couch sedated for a good hour. This is absolutely some night time smoke as it put me to bed where I slept like a rock. I would absolutely recommend this strain for those needing help with pain as mine was non-existent as well as Insomnia as it did the trick.

In the end, the Ogre OG was a good variation but nothing to write home to Mom about. I found the flavor and pungency to be lacking and therefore gave it just an 8.1/10. In regards to her strength and potency, she was a heavy hitter and got me nice and faded each time I smoked her so I gave it a 9.3/10. All in all, I liked the Ogre Kush for the price but have to imagine there are better samples of her to be had out there. At the end of the day, I was pleased with the $95 ounce and would buy it again if I was looking for a cheaper alternative to top shelf.

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