Fruity Pebbles was a limited time release by its breeder Alien Genetics, which then discontinued the release of this incredible bud. Why they discontinued its production, no one is really sure, but Fruity Pebbles certainly is a cannabis strain from outer space that’s a must try for any cannabis consumer. On impulse, I walked into a local dispensary here in LA looking for something new and the Fruity Pebbles strain was offered up to me alongside another strain.


Its coloration is profound and other-worldly, with shades present that appear unreal, especially featured on something that is sourced from nature. Said to be the genetic crossing of three cannabis strains: Green Ribbon, a hybrid, Granddaddy Purple, an indica, and Tahoe Alien, a hybrid; all joined together to birth this potent and powerful, yet incredibly appealing and well-balanced hybrid strain. Fruity Pebbles THC levels are also rather potent, adding to its fine quality, ranking in at around an 18-22% content in conducted lab tests.


I’ve never particularly had a bad experience with dispensaries here in LA up until recently. I’ve always figured these shops know we know our shit walking in and wouldn’t dare try us like some novice smokers. I was proven wrong. I’ve been going to a shop on 108th by the name of West Coast Woods and recently went in to scope out some deals. I got a deal but didn’t get anything worth raving about for once. With a name like Fruity Pebbles, you’d be expecting some ultra-colorful bud with a pungent, fruity aroma that smacks you in the face. The smell of this cannabis especially mimics the smell of the cereal, hitting the nose with an immensely pungent aroma. Maybe it was just the particular batch I got, but this Fruity Pebbles was nothing I’d look twice at. The bud is wispy and frail looking like it’d crumble by just looking at it. The smell is what pulled me in, although it wasn’t exactly fruity either. It was more citrusy and earthy.


I decided to give this bud the benefit of the doubt and try it out. At 14g for $40, it was a pretty bomb deal for some low budget weed. The instant I pulled this bud out, my friends began clowning. The nerve of those dispensary people to sell me this low budget, “stress”, as my friends called it. They insisted I get a refund, but I was already too far from the shop and much too invested in this unassuming looking bud to go back. Dutches on deck, we gave the rip-off Fruity Pebbles a try. It smoked well but ultimately didn’t get us high. We burned through three blunts before feeling anything. This could’ve been due to how many heads we had on the blunt, but if it was some gas that wouldn’t have even mattered. Gas is gas and this Fruity Pebbles was not gas.


Technically a clone only strain, Fruity Pebbles is pretty challenging to get access to, so if you are one of the lucky ones to obtain it, it is vital to cherish this plant, because it may be your only opportunity to cultivate it.


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One thought on “Fruity Pebbles Strain Review

  1. If that first picture was the “fruity pebbles” you most certainly got ripped. I had a PACBOYS fruity pebbles and it looked closer to the examples below. I don’t know how much exotic chronic you come across but if you have ever seen firewalker it actually looked/smoked like that, very light/white with trichomes, very fruity, and even a novice could take one look at and KNOW you had some fire on your hands (everything your photo was NOT)

    I’m on the East Coast in the big city where we get mostly Cali dispensary stuff nowadays (hard for those old school “loose” pot dealers now) but the thing is they are getting it across the country so they ain’t fucking around with nothing but top shelf. I heard tales about these cowboy pop-up dispensaries mostly in Northern Cali, peddling dirt and telling blatant lies about what they were selling. You never believe it until you see it WOW 😒

    That shit was 🗑 son. 😬

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