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Kosher Kush Strain Review


I sometimes get mocked for bringing cheap weed for my stoner friends with which to roll a blunt, but it is rare these days I’ll throw down for a $60 eighth of mind-bending cannabis. The last eighth I bought was Kosher Kush, and for a price half of what I would expect, delivered a wonderful evening high, that probably should have stayed on my bedside table.

I’m a sucker for a strain with a unique, intriguing name, and at the price point of $25 for an eighth, Kosher Kush caught my eye. Apparently, this was the first strain to be blessed by a rabbi. A pure indica with a strong odor, this is a classic flower that I think many first-time smokers would enjoy (in small amounts initially). Long term cannabis users will find this ideal for the melt-into-the-couch cache of strains. While potent, with high THC content, the sedative effects of Kosher Kush come on like a hot bath- gentle, yet powerfully calming. The inoffensive, sweet flavor makes for smooth, easy smoking.

I’ve been enjoying this strain in the late evenings, close to my bedtime. If I start hitting bowls before I’ve completed that tasks I wanted to that night, then it’s likely they won’t get get completed. For insomnia, or bringing energy levels way down, Kosher Kush is an excellent treatment. My frequent habits and need for a strain at any given time had me sleepy not quite when I wanted to be, so timing with Kosher Kush is everything.

My next purchase will likely be something a little more versatile, but I found myself deeply grateful for the high during bath-time, before bedtime yoga, and before a much needed massage session. When I needed a hit for menstrual cramps in the daytime, I definitely found myself sipping extra cups of coffee to counteract the anxiety-cleansing sleepiness. Of course, that’s exactly what you want when you’re snug in bed, giggling at The Office, but during the day when you need to care a little more about the to-do list, even a one-hitter of this strain had me a little too relaxed.

Being particularly strong in psychoactivity, a small amount may be all you need to feel that warm sedation, so consume Kosher Kush gradually in light amounts until you know if it may drag you into an unpleasant paranoia. This is unexpected for indicas, but it just speaks to the recent knowledge that potent strains on a regular basis can cause more harm than good. Overall, for a strong strain, it’s a good choice to experience a stoner’s high with less risk than other potent flowers. If you can find it for a good deal like I did, I say Kosher Kush is worth trying for a chill sleep aid.

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