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My favorite Healthy Snack Alternatives for the Munchies


Have discovered the last 2 years over losing 50 pounds, gaining back 15, I know that what you eat, what you use for bodily energy, matters most. Physical activity is important, but as far as fat loss, many nutritionists will tell you the effects come from 80% diet, 20% exercise. Knowing what has worked for me in the past (a carb-free, sugar-free lifestyle) to lose fat, as I ease back into more conscious eating, these are my go-to snacks to stock up on, if you’re prone to munchies.

If you’re gonna snack mindlessly, out of stoned boredom, or legitimate hunger, these are actually beneficial to your body! Not to shame you from all junk foods entirely- I should know, totally clean eating is a massive challenge to sustain in the United States, the way our economic food system works. When shopping for snacks, these are some suggestions for easy to eat as is, ready for munching!



Crunchy “non-chips”

Herbal tea is great for keeping you feel fulfilled and getting some liquid a little more exciting than water. If I’m in a craving way and snacky, I always go for a mug of hot tea when it’s chilly or a glass of iced tea when it’s hot! Especially useful when trying ti kick the caffeine habit, which can increase your dependency and desire for sugar.


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