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Cannastrology: How should Virgo get high?


August 23 – September 22

Virgo is the outwardly calm, yet constantly thoughtful sign of the Zodiac. You love to learn and analyze which can result in making assumptions, a tricky game. You’re definitely the right friend to come to if someone needs help, especially with a problem that has a lot of moving parts. You deal with detail in an organized, thoughtful way. You are secure in yourself Virgo, and you value your independence and alone time. Sometimes, socialization can pile on to your ever-busy mind, so removing yourself from the group will make you happiest. Be careful though, Virgo, too much time on your own can allow you to be all too much in your head, and that’s when you can be the most self-critical. Striving for perfection is admirable, and people appreciate it in you, but the pursuit of betterment keeps the negativity at bay. You like to keep going as to not rest with your thoughts too long. We love you for your aggressive motivation, Virgo, but you can also cling to the unimportant when looking for a distraction and that’s not how you want to spend your energy.

Your wilder friends need your responsible, somewhat parental instincts to keep everyone safe and functioning. The sign of the maiden gives excellent advice, a true master of creating order within a chaotic space. You’ve probably got your appearance and style on lock, Virgo, in your never ending goal for perfection, but you truly love extending those goals for your friends. Without a gentle reminder from them, however, that we (and you) are only human, prone to flaws. You let it get into your intelligent head, Virgo, that your self image is an impossible standard, so please be gentle to yourself. Make sure that the advice you’re doling out is wanted, and your friends won’t get annoyed- remember, empathy is important to meaningful criticism.

Being one of the more anxious signs, cannabis could really help if these issues are a hindrance to your life.

But what strain to smoke for the beautiful, anxious perfectionist? For the analyst who doesn’t want slow their thoughts down too much (even if that’s exactly what you need, Virgo), there’s Jack Herer, a sativa dominant flower, described by its users as cerebral. It’s been used to depression and anxiety, headache and nausea relief. It’s popular for creatives, can maybe loosen up the hard-set cogs in your brain. This strain is good as a one-hit wake and bake, to keep you energized, but reasonably less stressed. For this and organized Virgo, I feel like a small one-hitter pipe that can be kept clean easily, and fits in a discrete drawer is ideal for you. You can smoke as you please, to your own schedule, but don’t forget to use it as the mental assist you deserve.

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