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Fire OG Strain Review

Fire OG is one of the illustrious Top Shelf strains of many well-known dispensaries and MMJ delivery services. It gets its name from its iconic appearance and the resulting high is one that’ll have you stuck to the couch for hours. This would be great for chronic pain, anxiety, inflammation, and insomnia. Fire OG is an indica dominant hybrid that is one of the most powerful OG Kush strains on Earth.


I was trying out a new delivery service while staying at an Airbnb in South LA and came across LA Green Run on Weedmaps. They’re a delivery only service, providing medical marijuana to consumers in the South LA area! I got a great deal of 11 grams of Fire OG for $65. It’s a great quality bud packaged quite simply: in a plastic sandwich bag, just like the old days. I’d never tried Fire OG before but it sounded like a strain that would be right up my alley. Anyone that knows me knows I love my indicas and hybrids.


The nugs are a deep green with fiery red hairs, giving it the namesake Fire OG. It smells like any other OG strain: earthy with a mix of citrus. Some have said that it smells strongly of Lemon Pledge. I’m not entirely offended by this scent, so I don’t mind. The bud is very dense and not easily broken up with your hands. I’d recommend using a grinder for more consistently sized pieces. Otherwise, it smokes nicely. It’s not harsh at all and produces a sense of anxiety relief. Fire OG is great if you need to feel relaxed or would like a sleep aid. It’s also great for producing hunger and feelings of happiness and euphoria. I have consistently taken a nap at least an hour after smoking this strain. Not complaining but I wouldn’t recommend medicating with this before something you need to be awake for, like work for example. This is definitely a strain that’s great for the end of the day when you have time to unwind.


I genuinely enjoyed this strain. Fire OG is a strain you’re going to want in your repertoire. 11 grams lasted me 3 days. I found myself reaching for this quite frequently. Fire OG is a great “everyday” strain for medical marijuana consumers that medicate multiple times per day. The effects of this strain can last up to 3 hours. Fire OG comes from combining OG Kush and San Fernando Valley OG Kush F3. Fire OG is no joke and a must try for any cannabis aficionado. The effects of this strain rotate and aren’t predictable. You’ll range from laziness to bursts of energy. If you’re a new cannabis user, I’d recommend waiting to use Fire OG at night, before bed. This way you get the chance to see how the effect affects your own body and can plan for future use. Fire OG is a reliable aid for chronic migraines or headaches, minor aches and pains, lack of appetite, and more! How will you use it?

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