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Ghost OG Flower Review

ghost og nugs in jar

It’s so hard finding good Kush’s these days.

With so many Kush strains on the market like the SFV Kush and Obama Kush it’s difficult to find the true cuts as they’ve been puppy milled and cross bred on so many different occasions that the majority of Kush strains are not the actual name they claim to be. On rare occasions however, I am able to find the actual true cut of something and it happened recently with a highly sought out Kush Strain, The Ghost OG.

The Ghost OG is a clone only Hybrid OG Kush cut made famous in Southern California during the Mid-Late 90’s. Its skunk and diesel notes can’t be hidden when grown or sitting in your pocket. Neighbors two blocks away will be complaining about the smell at week 6 of your grow if you make it there. The high is balanced but super strong and will knock you on your ass if you aren’t ready for her. And last week I found some from a local grower of mine that had me believing in the legendary strain. This Ghost OG was made up of smaller buds but they were manicured perfectly and shined so nice in the light. The deep dark green buds with slight shades of purple were covered in thick trichomes and had the look of straight fire.

As soon as I opened the mason jar I was hit with that old school funk that was reminiscent of the OG Kush I would pick up in Reseda, California back in the 1990’s. It was pungent and had a skunky back that kept going for days. If you broke this up in a car you weren’t getting the smell out for a month. It was sticky yet still crumbled nicely so we decided to roll it up in a Garcia-Vega blunt for old times sake. Upon inhaling the unlit blunt you could taste the pungent kush and skunk notes with a hint of lemony floor cleaner that I can only describe as lemon pledge. Take caution as this strain is not for folks with low tolerance as after my first two puffs off the blunt it had me on cloud 9. I was instantly hit behind the eyes and in my legs with a deep fade. As I choked, the flavors of mint and gas had me tasting her on my palette well beyond the exhale. After reaching for my ice water as I was starting to sweat on my forehead, I could instantly feel my pain going away and the cotton mouth coming on and I was beyond faded. This was the stuff I would pay $75 USD an eighth for back in the day without hesitating. It was a rare one hitter quitter that I just can’t find these days no matter how hard I search. To show you good it was, within 15 minutes of tasting her I bought an ounce for $300 USD and didn’t even blink an eye.

Overall I have to give this run of Ghost OG a flavor rating of 9.6 and a potency rating of 9.3 as this was the best flower I have sampled in 2019 and possibly the best over the last few years. Hard hitting and relaxing, this is the perfect strain after a nice days work. If you are lucky enough to find a trusted batch of the Ghost OG don’t hesitate to spend your hard earned money on it if she looks legit. Now for a nice bongload of the Ghost OG so I can get a little rest before the family gets home.


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