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Simple Tips For The Amateur Cannabis Grower

When I began cultivating cannabis 10 + years ago the internet was flooded with websites designed to provide growers with helpful information. Unfortunately, all they actually provided were contradicting opinions along with no real facts. I’d spend hours reading literature and apply it to my garden only to harvest tiny buds with barely any flavor at the end of my runs. I made so many mistakes that could have easily been avoided if I had access to the advice of the pros. Luckily, in 2009, I became involved with a growers co-op located in Portland, Oregon and finally had the ability to pick the brains of some of the finest growers on the face of the Earth. Thankfully, through my failures and their tutelage I was able to learn the proper way to cultivate marijuana and have since saved many new growers the waste of time, money and headaches that I dealt with in my first few years by utilizing a few easy steps. I hope you find them effective as they are simple but so very important to a healthy garden. Good luck and happy growing.


1.) Clean Water : One of the biggest issues plaguing the Earth  today is clean water. In many cities across the globe the tap water is full of heavy metals and contaminates such as lead, chlorine and fluoride. These are poison for your precious cannabis plants. Sure, you may be able to grow using your tainted tap water, but at harvest time the quality and yield of your final product will be severely affected if your H2O is not clean. If your grow is small enough to afford to buy bottled/filtered water then by all means do it. If you can afford a cheap water filter like a “Small Boy” then go that route, but if you must use tap water, at the very least allow it to sit out in an open container for at least 24 hours before using it. This will give enough time for the chlorine and other harmful contaminants to dissipate before feeding your delicate roots.


2. ) Do Not Over Water !! : This should probably be rule #1 as many times amateur growers want to interact with their plants as often as possible and one of the worst ways to give too much love and attention is watering too often. Roots need to search out moisture in order to grow and if it they’re always wet they will not grow at the rate needed for heavy, sticky buds and will eventually cause root rot along with deficiencies. I prefer to allow my plants to dry out completely between each watering during the Vegetative/Grow stage. That does not mean almost dry or somewhat dry, it means dry to the point where you see the leaves begin to wilt and ask for water. Don’t be afraid of waiting too long to water as cannabis plants (In Veg) can sustain for quite a few hours once they begin to wilt. Over time you will be able to determine the perfect schedule for watering your plants as long as you pay attention to them and allow them to tell you when they’re thirsty.


3.) K.I.S.S. : Keep it simple stupid. Don’t try to be Kyle Kushman right out of the gate by using 11 products and trying to hit Maximum PPM’s on your first grow. Start with a simple and basic grow plan using only a few products and follow it to a tee. You can then switch product lines or add one additional product each run in order to compare the actual differences in your final results, instead of tossing a bunch of new products at your plants each grow, which will only leave you confused as to what actually made a difference. The less variables you have throughout each run the easier it will be to stay dialed in and correct any issues that may arise, as well as give you proper insight into your next grow. In the beginning many new growers have this dumb urge to try a bunch of new and expensive products such as bloom boosters and additives. Trust me, as I was that sucker for way too many years. All it will end up doing is confuse you and even worse cause your plants to have deficiencies as well as root burn. Patience, eventually you can work your way up to throwing all the nutrients you want at your plants but at first learn to walk before you run.

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