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Alternative Ways to Consume Cannabis

If you’re ever trying to get the benefits of consuming cannabis without the negative effects caused by smoking, you might want to consider getting a vape pen. Although smoking marijuana is less harmful than cigarettes, for instance, it can still have adverse effects on health, like lung and pancreatic health. It can also have adverse effects on emotional health, but only when used in large amounts. For those concerned, it also ages the skin. If you want to have the positive effects of the healing aspects of marijuana, and fewer of the negative effects, you might consider trying edibles, tinctures, or vape pens.

Tinctures are a great, low-key way to consume either THC dominant or CBD dominant strains. They’re a highly concentrated essential oil that are made through extracting the essence of cannabis either through coconut oil, ethanol, or glycerine. You can take a tincture by consuming it just like a drop, or through adding it to food or beverages. Cannabis tinctures first made an appearance in the US in 1942. A higher ratio of CBD to THC will give users a sense of well-being without the buzz… there are ones that have ratios 20:1 and even higher. CBD tinctures are known to help alleviate anxiety, migraines, menstrual pain, seizures, and other aches and pains. They generally take a bit longer to feel the effects in contrast to smoking or edibles, but they’re effective.

Another way to consume THC or CBD is through vaping. Whether you’re looking to get a buzz or not, you’ll want to check the ingredients. It’s important to choose companies that don’t use synthetic ingredients, otherwise you’ll still be damaging your lungs. The easiest way to tell is to look at the consistency of the oil; if it has the consistency of a liquid, then it’s likely to have been cut with synthetics like propylene glycol. That said, you don’t want to go too far the opposite route either; a cartidge that’s heavily viscous probably has some of the weed plant’s waxes and chlorophyll.

There are also different kinds of pens. Some require charging but will last a long time, some work only with certain brands, and some are disposable, for instance. You’ll also want to purchase a pen with temperature control, because the hotter the pen gets, the more likely you’ll be to inhale carcinogens.

Edibles are another fun way to consume cannabis. This can be done with food, or little treats like gummies, truffles, or other kinds of candy. Most weed treats will have a dosage of 4mg, which is definitely enough to give you a bit of a buzz.

The best way to choose what works for you is to do a bit of research and try things. Keep records of your experiences and soon you’ll have the right products.


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