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Secret Sesh by 323 Green Oasis

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This past Thanksgiving weekend I had the pleasure of going to an event known as Secret Sesh hosted by 323 Green Oasis. Secret Sesh was located in a secret location in Los Angeles, later revealed to be 6th Ave Collective.

Secret Sesh was a cozy gathering of medical marijuana enthusiasts with a veritey of merchandise for sale from Lowell Smokes to pounds, to tacos and jewelry. I was invited by my friend, cannabis business owner and radio host, Ikkor. He introduced me to Chonsie Bullock, the woman who runs the whole operation.

Chonsie, along with 323 Green Oasis, is dedicated to bringing people together to celebrate the many uses of this medicine. Everyone was super friendly and after a few joints I brought from home, I was ready to shop. I hit the ATM and made my first stop at the taco stand just outside the entrance.

The taco vendor was a bubbly young woman serving up bite-sized bits of heaven. Chicken and carne asada were my choices and naturally as a California local, I went with carne asada. You can never go wrong with carne asada tacos. For $3, it was totally worth it to satisfy those mid sesh munchies. I ate it before I could take a picture, sorry!

After filling my belly, I wandered inside the venue to Ikkor’s table. He had a great range of merchandise available to choose from. There was a nice range of items that were very approachable for cannabis connoisseurs and novices alike, like CBD gummies, rice krispies edibles, Key Lime Pie medical marijuana, Supreme CBD oil cartridges, Lowell Smokes (a pack of pre-rolled marijuana cigarettes), and so much more!

Photo by Author

My friend who accompanied me ended up getting a few strains to try out as well as some brownie edibles. I managed to lure her over to the next table that caught my eye. Large vacuum-sealed packs of weed were lined up, labeled with their respective strain names. I’m always looking for new strains to try and was eager for some recommendations.

The guy working the booth wore a white Adidas tracksuit with a Supreme shoulder bag and emanated chill vibes. He recommended the Pirate OG which was on sale for $980. For under a thousand dollars, that was a great amount of high-quality, hand-picked bud that would last quite some time. Definitely a worthy investment for ritual medical marijuana users, especially those doing a lot of cooking or baking with their flower.

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The last table I was called over to by an enthusiastic independent jewelry maker selling everything from earrings to bracelets and custom pieces made on site. Her booth was super colorful, and she has been making her jewelry for a few years now. I bought a gorgeous beaded bracelet with the main beads being colored blue, silver, black, and white. It’s a simple piece that I can see myself wearing with many other accessories in my closet and just on its own on a regular basis. For only $6, it was a great buy!

Photo by Author
Photo by Author

I had an amazing time at this secret sesh held by Chonsie and 323 Green Oasis. Events like these are a great place to get together with like-minded people and just enjoy some good company, good food, music, and great weed. Hope to see you at the next sesh!

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