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Tips for the Thrifty Weed Smoker


Lots of people, millennials in particular, know the pain of living paycheck to paycheck. You’re forced to take stock of what you have and what you need to spend money on, and if you use cannabis, you have to consider the sometimes high (no pun intended) cost. Here are my best tips for getting that high on a budget!

Make sure to check all your local shops for new patient deals. You usually get an extra gram of flower, or perhaps a joint, or an edible, or some store credit for being a new patient. If you’re lucky enough to live in one of the major cities in states where cannabis is legal, chances are it will take you a pretty long time to pick up all of the new patient deals available. There are nearly 2,000 in Los Angeles alone! And while not all of those will offer deals to new patients… I mean, come on, that’s enough to call around and check that you’ll definitely get an extra bang for your buck at some shops. If you live in a less populous city and have to make a bit of a trek to get to an area with a greater cannabis market, you could hit multiple stores in one day, which leads me to my next, and more challenging tip…

Portion your supplies! This one takes some concentrated effort, because if you’re anything like me, you’re indulgent. That basically translates to “smoke ‘em if you got ‘em” and I burn through more flower when I have more. With this in consideration, when I’m tight on finances, I like to buy my weed in bulk and then portion with my scale how much I can smoke in that week. I personally like to try and limit myself to 2 grams for the week. If I have a strong edible, I’ll freeze it and take small bites as needed- if I have a cookie dosed at 360mg of THC, I can make that cookie last me a whole month, especially in combination with my decreased volume of smoking. If I’m purchasing wax or oil to vaporize, I like to save those for particularly stressful, painful, or special occasions. Simply being conscientious of taking your dollar as far as it can go can remind you to not be wasteful and consume all of your supply just for the sake of boredom.

Don’t sleep on the regularly occurring specials at any of your local shops! Nearly all of my favorite dispensaries have a happy hour special, that if I take a late lunch, I can usually get a price break on a good quality strain. However, I much prefer the all day specials available on certain days of the week without a time constraint. Being on the mailing list for most shops in my area, and checking their social media, lets me know what days of the week I can get 11 grams of flower for $40 flat. Following my other rules, that impressive amount can keep my green in the green for over a month. Practice a little self restraint, be a wise consumer, and you’ll be able to medicate without creating a financial burden.

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